A 22 y/o IT student, currently in a hiatus due to health issues ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Planning to resume my studies this year. Fingers crossed.
Has weird tastes in art and music. Overuses the F44336-2196F3 gradient.
I guess that's enough talking about myself.


Here are some projects I worked on. Some of them are personal, some of them are made in school.

October 2017

Creation of a simple streaming overlay for a former classmate to use with OBS. Everything is based on the first version of Google's Material Design gidelines. The overlay is mainly composed of rotating text, white backgrounds with Blue 900 primary and Deep Orange 500 accent colors, Android Nougat/Oreo-style notifications, chips, and is using Roboto Mono as the main font.

The streaming kit has several overlays :

  • Waiting time before streaming or during breaks
  • Chatting screen with no game in the background
  • Playing screen with channel stats such as follower number, last donation, last cheer, and a log of previous actions from watchers
  • Outro screen when the stream ends, with various social media links
  • A couple of other overlays for stream polishing and technical difficulties

The playing screen overlay and notification are developed in HTML/CSS/JS and are easily customizable, everything else uses static images made with Adobe Photoshop and VP8 videos made with Adobe After Effects and ffmpeg.

Well, that's the website you are looking at! I did this little website to showcase my humble work. I tried to use as little JavaScript as possible by using the power of HTML5. This website is completely usable without JavaScript.

You can access my website here!

I did a lot of other small projects, mostly for fun or to learn some new things.

A sbubby is a term designating a logo that has been edited. It keeps the same visual aspect but has totally different text. The term "sbubby" originates from an edit of the Subway logo, edit that started /r/sbubby on reddit.

Oneotrix Point Never's 'Love in the Time of Lexapro' EP cover, untouched. An edit of the original cover, replacing the text 'Love in the Time of Lexapro' by 'This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito', and showing an image of an Amazon Echo smartspeaker instead of dolphins. An other edit, this one says 'Please help me my friend is a brony', and showing an 3D render of a panicked person.

This sbubby is an edit of Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Love in the Time of Lexapro' EP cover. This cover uses a custom font made by David Rudnik. As the entire character set nor the typeface can't be found online, some letter designs were created based on existing letters.

Modification of the title animation from the Good Time movie by the Safdie brothers.

This sbubby is an edit of the SUPER HOT game logo as it appears full screen. This is also the way basically any text appears on screen.

Pink blocky numbers representing the current time on a purple background

This web-based clock reproduces the visual appearence of the level counter seen in the video game THOTH by Carlsen Games. This clock works either in portrait or landscape.

You can try it here.


Reproduction of Arte's Thema introduction sequence. The source file is easily customizable, as you can display any 5-letter word and change every color, while keeping the color appearence scheme from the original version. Audio is from the original video.


Reproduction of the france·tvsport intro scenes. The ski animation reproduces the existing original animation, the other ones are made from scratch. Audio is from the original video.


Follow these links to contact me or to confirm that I have weird tastes in art and music.

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